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It was a really good way to get to know the city thoroughly. As a tourist you tend to go to most tourist attractions. Because it’s easy. I have discovered the authentic Granada. Very different to what it is shown by the traditional tourist guides.

I’ll tell my friends. If they want to get a bit of Granada, this tour is perfect.

For me, the most interesting thing have been the unexpected relationship between local food, culture and history while walking and talking across the streets of Granada. It’s just fantastic to share this experience with such a small group from the hand of a local expert. This is an intimate and well tailored experience well away from the “tourist traps”. It’s just like being with friends with common interests for beauty. 

I will most definitely come back to Granada with my family.

It’s just amazing the amount of little and charming spots that this city has to discover! We have been taken to places that otherwise we wouldn’t have as tourists. It’s woderful to experience Granada with a local guide who knows every single spot of the city and talks you through with passion.

This walk has shown me a different way to discover the legacy and history of Granada while talking and sharing the experience with other curious travellers.

I have lived an unforgettable experience. My dream was to visit Granada one day. I read a lot about it and I knew that this was a place of an extraordinary beauty. However I dindn’t know about its magic and authenticity. Our guide has made us feel part of the city. She has trasported us back several centuries. We have learned about Granada in a very enjoyable way while walking and talking to other travellers. I have really tasted the true flavours of Granada.

Once again, an unforgettable experience. I will definitely tell my friends.